Now You Can Setup a High Quality And Dedicated Software Development Team And Save 70% Of Your Development Cost.

Discuss Job Description

Assess Candidates

Hire And Deploy

Talented Software Developers are everywhere in India

Highly talented Software developers are not just in USA, Canada, UK or Australia. They are available in India too and at a 70% lesser cost. So, why don’t you utilize the talent that is available in India?

The answer from most of the companies is that they cannot afford to setup a company in India and invest in the operational cost just for a small team size of 2-20 members.

This is where Zyde Soft comes into picture.

Zyde Soft enables the companies to build talented software development teams of any size in Chennai without the hassle of setting up operations at a new location.


  • Discuss Job Description

    We discuss with you to clearly understand the technical skills that you are looking for. This will help us to narrow down and identify the right candidate who suits your requirement.

  • Assess Candidates

    We source and interview candidates to find the best suited one for your project and conduct two rounds of technical interview before forwarding the resume to you for a final assessment.

  • Hire And Deploy

    Once the hiring decision is made, the remote developer joins the team and will be ready to get deployed in the project. Laptop and other Employee Benefits will be provided by Zyde Soft.

  • Compensation

    You will pay a fixed price to Zyde Soft for each employee you hire. This price will depend on the technology for which you hire and experience level of the candidate. Zyde Soft will in turn pay the employees on daily basis.

  • Team Management

    You can manage your team according to your plans. You can assign tasks, get status reports and conduct daily meetings as per your convenience. You can increase the compensation for your team members as per your performance appraisal.

Benefits Of Remote Development Teams


Now you can access highly talented software developers in Chennai from anywhere in the world and setup a team without any operational cost involved.


These resources are full time developers who will be working for you under ZydeSoft Payroll. You can directly assign them tasks and get status report on daily basis and manage their development activities.


ZydeSoft conducts two rounds of technical interview (1 – Oral Interview. 2 – Programming test) before forwarding resume to our clients. This extreme vetting process makes the job of our clients easy to make the recruitment decision.


India has highly talented software developers in abundance. But the cost of developers is 1/3rd of the developer cost when compared to developed markets.


Companies do not have to pay for any infrastructure cost, Employee laptops, Medical Insurance. They just have to a fixed price for each employee they hire.


The first resource that you recruit from Zyde Soft is absolutely free of cost. The clients can confidently use the services of Zyde Soft before they proceed with further hiring decisions.


How are we going to ensure compliance with Indian labor Law?

No worries. It is our job to ensure compliance. Your team will enjoy all their rights based on the Indian Labor Law.

Is the first resource absolutely free?

Yes, the first resource is absolutely free. We at Zyde Soft wanted to provide our Clients a non time bound trial period for the first resource they recruit from us. We believe this would provide the much needed confidence and comfort for clients who use our remote development services for the first time.

Who will manage my team in Chennai?

You will be managing your team as per your project plan. You will assign tasks to them directly and get their status tracked. We will help in all the infrastructure related setup that are needed by the employees to accomplish their tasks.

How can I communicate with my development team members?

You can communicate with your development team via

  • Google Hangout call
  • Skype call
  • Live chat
Do you provide part time resources?

Yes, we do provide part time resources who will work for 4 hours/day in your project.

How long does it take to onboard a resource?

It would usually take 3-5 business days to onboard a resource who is available in our talent pool. Incase we need to recruit from the open market, it would take 15-20 business days to interview and onboard a best candidate.

What is the work timings of Zyde Soft development team?

We follow flexible work timings to suit our Clients need. The developers will work for 8 hours/day. Our office will be open from 9 AM IST to 10 PM IST. Hence there will be greater flexibility to schedule daily meetings to coordinate with your team. Infact all our resources work for overseas clients and communication hasn’t been a challenge anytime.

How can I make payment to Zyde Soft?

You can pay to ZydeSoft via Wire Transfer or Paypal


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