Most businesses needs customised web applications that would suit their business model and growth. At Zyde Soft, we understand the requirements of our customers clearly and have our Solution Architects decide on the Technical Architecture of the project that would stand tall no matter how big the business grows. Our web development services include

  • Design and provide technical architecture for web app development.
  • Provide dedicated development team to work on the custom web application development.
  • Understand the current architecture of the project and enhance the application as per the client’s requirement.
  • Provide database design, create and maintain tables required and perform database tuning operations.



Mobile applications are the future way of doing business. Mobile apps provide the convenience of having all the critical business data at the fingertip of business owners enabling them to take business decisions quickly. We at Zyde Soft, help our customers create the most attractive and easy-to-use mobile applications that would boost the business growth. Our Mobile development services include

  • Creating intuitive and attractive UI design for the mobile application.
  • Create mobile applications that work across all types of screen resolution, size and orientation.
  • Create webservices for the mobile applications to fetch data from the database.
  • Add new features or change the UI of an existing mobile application.


In today’s world where the cost of hiring and maintaining employees is increasing, Zyde Soft provides an excellent service for customers by helping them to outsource this job. Our customers in turn get a very high quality remote developers  to complete their needed task. Our Staffing solutions helps in

  • Conducting 2 rounds of technical interview to identify the best candidate for our clients.
  • Taking care all the statutory compliance needed.
  • Eliminating the overhead expenses like Infrastructure, Training and Fringe benefits
  • Bringing down the development cost upto 70%.



A bug free software is the primary need of end user at any point. A software which performs the promised activity without any bugs, regardless of the environment, will definitely enhances the loyalty and the user retention rate. Our Software testing services include

  • Understand the business and write extensive test cases to cover all the business usecase
  • Perform manual and automation testing. Track the identified bugs using tools such as JIRA and track it to completion..
  • Perform black box testing, white box testing, regression testing, smoke testing, cross browser testing etc.


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